Gluten Free Bliss

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For some of us, gluten free eating is not just a fad to eat healthily or lose weight. We are either born with, or develop an intolerance for gluten which can cripple us with pain and cause untold damage to our bodies when we eat it.


As a 35-year-old who found she suddenly couldn’t eat wheat-based products, I struggled to find gluten free recipes which were not also sugar-free. Those that I did find seemed to substitute wheat with sugar, totally disregarding the intended flavour of the food.


Being a lover of sugar (in moderation) and with the remembrance of the flavour of many wheat-based foods, I started to experiment with the huge variety of gluten-free alternatives available in my home town of Melbourne, Australia.

When I was 39 I also started to react poorly to dairy (I was born allergic to cows milk protein and my body could no longer compensate), so a lot of the newer recipes are also dairy free.

Having received good feedback from family and friends I decided to share these and upcoming (as I create them) meals and sweets recipes.